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12 String Haven

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man!

Fans of the Byrds/Rickenbacker Guitars
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This is a community for fans of the Byrds and Byrds-related bands. There are absolutely no rules (some places need to be promo-ed0 and I'm a little slow with computers but I'll try and keep things updated and spiffy-looking as possible. E-mail or IM me for the community password.

You can also discuss Rickenbackers/instruments here, I've got a Rickenbacker V-63 myself right here:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

<3 Jasper

I'll bet Pete Seeger is real jealous ;).

When you awake halfway from your dream, you will hear those 12 strings!

After a slight transformation....

APPLICATION: (It's all optional so you can just fill out like two questions but that's lame haha).

Top 5 Byrds songs:
Top 3 Byrds albums:
Do you play guitar or enjoy reading about guitars?:
If so, say a word or two about Rickenbackers:
Who is/was your favourite member of the band?:
Where and how did you first discover the Byrds?:
What 5 Byrds songs should be heard more on the radio?:
Pick a member of the band and type something you'd like to say to him:
Promote, if you can (I don't want to disturb other communities):
Show a picture of yourself!: